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Snakebit Art Studio

Comic Colourist and Illustrator



Illustration and Comic Book Colouring

As a professional artist, I provide illustration services primarily focused on Comic Style art forms.

Private commission and Work for Hire rates are available on all services.

Spawn Cover.jpg

Comic Colouring

You provide the lineart - I will add the colour. Pin-ups, Covers and Sequential art is all catered for. 


Sequential Colouring

These are interior comic pages that I have coloured. I am available for freelance, work for hire colouring.



Digital drawing or painting - I can produce illustrations and character designs to suit your project.



Below are links to my portfolios for Editors and Art Directors to view.

Sequential Colouring Portfolio

A collection of my Sequential Art colouring samples

Illustration Portfolio

A collection of my Illustration samples


Set in the Summer of 1990 in the fictional city of Drosstown, East Coast USA, that's overrun with supersized Vermin: Gorilla-sized Roaches; Vampire Fruit Bats; Giant Hairy Beavers; and masses of other freakishly weird stuff!

These Crazy Critters are determined to 'eat and destroy' all Hoomans!

Back our campaign and help Vermineater save Hoomankind from a Sticky End!

Issue #1, Stinky Cockaroaches: Includes 23 pages of awesome full-colour action, a fab titlepage, a variant cover, and fun facts about our unique, unrivalled superhero. There’s lots of awesome perks too, from a range of marvellous, quirky stickers to collectible signed prints, and more on the way - so go take a look!

Check it out now at Indiegogo

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